Peppe Iuele – Executive Manager (co-owner)

Formerly co-owner of La Locanda, hails from the famous isle of Capri. “Growing up in Italy, I understood that food was an important way to bring people together,” he says. Peppe was naturally drawn to the restaurant business, and whether as a waiter, head chef, general manager or owner, his approach to customers has remained the same. As executive manager and co-owner of La Masseria, Peppe has created a dynamic service culture that you can feel at all his restaurants.

Enzo Ruggiero – Executive Manager (co-owner)

Enzo has known Peppe since they were children growing up in Capri. Enzo’s passion extends beyond food to wine. In his childhood his grandfather used to take him to local vineyards where they would stomp grapes to make the family wine. Passionate about pairing the perfect wine with the right dish. Enzo built an extensive wine list at La Masseria and he has put his vast knowledge to the test while creating the rare and creative list at Masseria dei Vini.

Pino Coladonato – Executive Chef (co-owner)

Executive chef,, Pino met Peppe and Enzo when he was the chef at Sette Mezzo, where he worked for 14 years. Growing up on a farm in Puglia Pino began creating dishes with the few ingredients, often limited to beans, available. Today fava beans, chickpeas and lentils are still a core element in many of his entrées. Chef Pino created the beloved menu at La Masseria, and once again celebrates his Puglia roots with the incredible menu at Masseria dei Vini.

Libby Langdon – Interior Designer

Designer, author and makeover television personality, Libby is the creative force behind New York City-based design firm Libby Interiors, Inc. Her residential and commercial projects, embodying her easy, elegant, everyday style, have won widespread fans, and she is fast becoming known for her growing collections of branded home furnishings products. Libby designed both La Masseria restaurants and has displayed her diverse talents in creating the more contemporary and beautiful, Masseria dei Vini. To see more of Libby’s work, you can visit her web page,